Secondary Player Limitations

Because this is a recreational tournament as well as an invitational (meaning acceptance is not guaranteed), preferential consideration for acceptance will be given to teams whose rosters consists of NO MORE THAN 50% secondary players.

Teams whose rosters consist of more than 50% but less than 70% secondary players may be considered if spots remain.

As the percentage of secondary players increases, the less likely it is that team will be considered for acceptance.

Teams whose rosters consist of 70% or more secondary players will not be eligible for the tournament.
Secondary players are players who participate on other competitive/select teams (e.g., Azzurri, SOFC, United, etc.).

By definition, only athletes who do not participate in other youth soccer organizations are deemed primary players by CYSL.

Official state rosters will be required for each team.

* * * Any further exceptions will be ruled on by the tournament directors on a case-by-case basis. * * *
* * * Decisions made by the tournament directors will be considered final. * * *