Welcome to the 2019
Okoboji Soccer Classic!

This is the Forty-Second Annual Okoboji Soccer Classic.

The registration fee is $45.00 per player.

Each player will receive a small gift, and each player, head coach, and up to 2 assistant coaches will receive a program and a souvenir t-shirt.

Awards for the final two teams in each division will be distributed immediately following their final game.

Registration Process

  • Registration Application
    • Team Information
      Provide team contact and division details.

    • Player Information
      Provide a complete roster with details for each player:

      • Jersey number
      • Name
      • Age
      • Birth date
      • School grade
      • T-shirt size (adult sizes only)
      • Player plays in another league other than CYSL
    • Submit Registration Application Request

  • Registration Application Review
    Tournament Directors will review all registrations, validate player eligibility, and, upon approval, reply to the team contact with a formal invitation to the tournament, a confirmation number, and the deadlines in which to pay.

  • Registration Payment
    An approval email will be issued to the team contact, providing a link back to this site which will have a link to PayPal for payment.  ONE transaction per team registration.  Payment will be accepted by debit or credit card.  A PayPal account is not required.

  • Registration Complete
    Once payment is received, the team will be fully registered.

Player Eligibility

  • Players must be registered with the team for one or both sessions of the 2018/2019 CYSL season.

  • No 9th grade students will be allowed to participate.

  • A player may be registered for and play for only one team in this tournament.

  • Players who qualified for and registered in the U12 division of the 2018/2019 CYSL  season are allowed to play in the U12 division of the Okoboji Tournament.

  • Players who qualified for and registered in the U14 division of the 2018/2019 CYSL season are allowed to play in the U14 division of the Okoboji Tournament.

  • Exception: players who played in a lower age group during the 2018/2019 CYSL season are allowed to “play up” into an older age group in the Okoboji Tournament. Players are not allowed to “play down” into a younger age group.

* * * Any further exceptions will be ruled on by the tournament directors on a case-by-case basis. * * *

Questions may be submitted on the Contact Us page.


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